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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
2008 Water Quality Report2009doc_pdf19017.3Orange County Environmental Protection Division1018384Compilation of water quality reports for the water resources within the 12 major drainage basins in Orange County.130_2008%20Water%20Quality%20Report.pdf6Orange
Basin Management Action Plan for the Implementation of TMDLs in the Upper Ocklawaha Basin, Phase I2007doc_pdf0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1017893This Basin Management Action Plan was developed by basin stakeholders over a two-year period and adopted in 2007. It presents a plan for reducing nutrient loadings in the basin using a phased approach. During the first five-year cycle, the Basin Working Group members will focus on reducing the larger pollution sources.AdoptedUpOcklawahaBMAP.pdf4Lake
Basin Management Action Plan for the Implementation of TMDLs in the Upper Ocklawaha Basin, Phase II2014doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1022486This document describes the management priorities for the second phase of the 2007 Upper Ocklawaha Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) adopted by Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretarial Order in August 2007. In this second phase BMAP, new strategies are proposed for continuing water quality improvements that help in achieving the nutrient total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) covered by the BMAP. The 2007 BMAP remains in full effect, except as specifically modified herein.
City of Winter Garden Parks & Recreation Departmentdoc_html0City of Winter Garden1017237Web page for the parks and recreation department for the city of Winter Garden.
Epic Lake Restoration: Lake Apopka and the Harris Chain of Lakes2012doc_pdf3563.5St. Johns River Water Management District1021566Presentation to the Florida Stormwater Association about progress made in the areas of water quality and habitat restoration in Lake Apopka and the Harris Chain of Lakes.Epic%20Lake%20Restoration%20Lake%20Apopka%20FSA%202012.pdf4Lake
External total phosphorus loading and water quality trends for the Ocklawaha Chain-of-Lakes2009doc_pdf564.3St. Johns River Water Management District1017404Presentation given to the Upper Ocklawaha Basins Management Group by Rolland Fulton of the SJRWMD on the water quality of Lake Apopka and the Harris Chain of Lakes. Emphasis is placed on phosphorus loading.UOklaBMAP_TMDL_BWG%20pres%202-2009.pdf4Lake
Ferndale Preservedoc_html0Lake County Board of County Commissioners1018197Ferndale Preserve is located on the western shore of Lake Apopka. The preserve offers three trails each offering stunning vistas of Lake Apopka and on clear days down town Orlando. The preserve is a former orange grove, which is being restored to a Long-Leaf Pine-Wiregrass, Xeric Scrub and meadow ecosystems. It has an equestrian trail and a multi-use trail.
Florida Fish Consumption Advisories (2015)2015doc_html0Florida Department of Health422Advisories inform the public that high concentrations of chemical contaminants have been found in local fish and wildlife and include recommendations to limit or avoid consumption of certain fish and wildlife species from specific waterbodies.
Friends of Lake ApopkaorgFriends of Lake Apopka6946Purpose of organization is to be a well-informed citizen group focused on a fundamental goal to restore the lake for future generations.
History of Lake Apopka2011doc_html0Friends of Lake Apopka1006470Timeline of Lake Apopka, through 2011.