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OCALERT and OCFLALERT can keep you informed about water issues, too

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OCALERT and OCFLALERT are components of the alert system administered by the Orange County Office of Emergency Management that allows County Government to contact you during an emergency.

In addition to the emergency alerts listed below, the system can also keep you informed about issues like lake closures, flooding, water main breaks, boil water notices, etc.

OCALERT is a free service that uses text-messaging to send emergency information to your email account, cell/smart phone, or pager. (Your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to receive messages on your wireless device.) Sign up for OCALERT

Alerts Available through OCALERT:
• Life-Threatening Weather Warnings
• Amber Alerts
• Highly disruptive road closures
• Evacuation
• Shelter in Place information
• Information about Emergency Shelters

OCFLALERT has free mobile applications for Apple and Android smartphones. Download App

Alerts Available through OCFLALERT:
• Open shelter locations
• Water and ice distribution centers
• Evacuation routes
• Upcoming events
• Public service announcements
• Contact information for select governmental and non-governmental agencies

When an emergency occurs affecting Orange County Florida, you will be instantly notified. The Orange County emergency alert system is your personal connection to real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do or what not to do, who to contact and other important information.

For additional information about emergency alerts and notifications, contact: 407-836-9140 or email at