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Water-Related News

Upcoming Herbicide Applications

The Environmental Protection Division plans on conducting a lake aquatic plant herbicide application during the months of June/July 2015.

Select portions of the near shoreline areas of the aforementioned lake will be treated with aquatic herbicide. As appropriate, any affected property owners will be provided individual notices and any water use restrictions on the day of treatment.

Areas that will be treated include:

  • Big/Little Sand Lake in Commission District 1 (Big and Little Sand Lakes are located near 10415 Smith Bennett Road, Orlando, Florida 32836)
  • The Butler Chain of Lakes in Commission District 1 (The Butler Chain of lakes is located near 9251 Winter Garden-Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida 32836)
  • Lake Ola in Commission District 2 (Lake Ola is located near 5401 Heritage Pass Circle, Mount Dora, Florida 32757)
  • Lake Pearl in Commission District 2 (Lake Pearl is located near 4698 Bridgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32817)
  • Lake Conway in Commission District 3 (Lake Conway is located near 5601 Birr Court, Orlando, Florida 32809)
  • Lake Holden in Commission District 3 (Lake Holden is located near 3515 MacArthur Drive, Orlando, Florida 32839)
  • Lake Jessamine in Commission District 3 (Lake Jessamine is located near "Cypress Grove Park" 290 Holden Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32839)
  • Lake Pickett in Commission District 5 (Lake Pickett is located near 18011 Lake Pickett Drive, Orlando, Florida 32820)
  • Lake Marilyn in Commission District 6 (Lake Marilyn is located near 909 North Pine Hills Road, Orlando, Florida 32808)

Please direct any questions to the Environmental Protection Division at 407-836-1400.