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Experts: 'Smart' technology will end water waste

Central Florida’s landscape is a blend of palm trees, green grass and sprinkler systems churning out hundreds of gallons of water in the pouring rain.

It’s a flaw in irrigation systems that experts said is wasting water at an alarming rate.

Dukes and Jacqueline Torbert, manager of the Orange County Utilities Water Division, conducted a 3-year controlled study on new technology with encouraging results.

"We implemented two different types of smart controllers,” Dukes said.. “One being a soil moisture sensor, one being an ET or Evapotranspiration controller."

"The study itself has revealed that anywhere from 18 to 43 percent of the water that was used could potentially be saved,” said Torbert.

Dukes said along with environmental impact, homeowners and businesses would benefit financially because it would translate to savings on their utility bill.

One of the problems the study uncovered was lack of maintenance.