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Bithlo community racing to replace problem well

A central Florida school with dozens of students is being closely watched by the Department of Environmental Protection because of its water supply.

A well provides water to the school, but when the pump broke, school officials were forced to hook up a water hose as a temporary solution. The DEP said the well, which is in the Transformation Village community in Bithlo, needs to be taken care of quickly.

"You don't think about water issues in America, central Florida, right next to Disney World," Mitch Todd, of the River Run Church, said.

Todd said that years of contamination in the soil around Bithlo have made getting clean water in the community a challenge.

"There's no city water in the entire area, and everybody's on their own well system. There are a lot of challenges with the aquifer," he said.

Because fixing it was going to cost thousands of dollars, the leaders of Transformation Village decided instead to build a larger well. It will replace the two wells on their property and will be able to provide clean water beyond the school to a nearby mental health facility, coffee house and community building.