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Maitland considers development option to save wetlands

As the Maitland City Council continues to wade its way through the details of the Maitland Concourse North development, talk about wetlands seems to seep its way into every discussion.

In response to being flooded by resident complaints over the developmentā€™s proposed encroachment into wetlands along Lake Charity, engineers for the project presented a new plan to the Council on Monday that would avoid intruding on any wetlands at all. But, engineer John Martin said, it would also do less to help clean up water quality in the nearby lakes.

The new proposal is the third iteration of plans presented by the developer for the layout of its required retention pond. First, the plans had the pond enveloping 3.63 acres of low-grade wetlands. Then, after a wave of nearby residents complained, the developers scaled that back to 2.1 acres. And on Monday, they presented a third option that includes no infringement on wetlands by creating two smaller dry ponds and third smaller wet pond.