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Wedgefield residents raise concerns about water quality

ORLANDO – Environmental protection officials are testing the water in a Wedgefield neighborhood where families are concerned about the water quality.

Channel 9 learned that two state officials found that the water in the Wedgefield subdivision, supplied by Pluris, is safe to drink, but residents disagree.

“The water itself today, there's still something not right with it,” resident Pamela DiMarzio said.

Channel 9 learned that when the Florida Department of Environmental Protection tested the water, it had only reviewed previous samples rather than taking new samples.

“The EPD [Orange County Environmental Protection Division] just needs to come out, test the actual water, without the knowledge of Pluris so they do not have an opportunity to flush the lines,” DiMarzio said.

Residents said they’ve called the EPD and asked authorities to directly test the water from their homes.

“I've lived here for 10 years and I have never seen lines being flushed up until those two times, so why is it suddenly on those days we're flushing lines? What is in the water Pluris does not want to see come up in that report?” DiMarzio said.

Timothy McKinney, who is running for Orange County commissioner, said the upper middle class community should not have to use bottled water for cooking.

District 5 commissioner Ted Edwards could not be reached for comment.