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Pluris fined $1,200 for Wedgefield water chemical levels

• Tests show high levels of TTHM in water from some Wedgefield homes
• State fined Pluris $1,200 and required them to fix the problem
• Wedgefield residents want Orange County to buy the company out

WEDGEFIELD – The state fined Pluris water company after tests found high levels of a chemical byproduct in the water for the Wedgefield community.

But the state also wants to assure residents that the water poses no immediate health issue, even as residents call for Orange County to take over water services.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection fined Pluris, the private company that handles the Wedgefield community’s water, more than $1,200 for low chlorine residual levels.

A series of tests done by both Orange County and Pluris itself found high levels of TTHM in the water.