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Lake Baldwin is “stinky” but clean

The usually scenic Lake Baldwin, which is the Baldwin Park neighborhood's version of Lake Eola, is having an outbreak of algae that looks like last week's casserole. "I wouldn't let my dog get into it," said Patricia Sowards, an area native and veteran teacher at grade schools, who stood at the edge of Lake Baldwin on Thursday for a view of sun-baked algae that a wading bird had no trouble strutting across. According to officials of the two cities, Orlando and Winter Park, that wrap around the 200-acre lake, the stinking slime is a natural fluctuation that would happen even if Baldwin's waters were pristine. While Florida has been making national headlines for algae invasions, not all algae is created equally. What's happening at Lake Baldwin isn't on par with the toxic variety that has been gushing from Lake Okeechobee to the Treasure Coast. But the gag factor is unmistakable.