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Troubles persist for Apopka’s wastewater treatment plant

The city of Apopka continues to have trouble with its wastewater treatment plant. [WINK News] 9 Investigates found out it's causing the city to waste water that might otherwise be used to water people’s lawns.

Investigative reporter Daralene Jones has been following the issue since June and has learned it could eventually cause environmental and health concerns.

The City of Apopka has sent millions of gallons of wastewater to the spray fields this year. 9 Investigates learned the total suspended solids leaving the plant has at times far exceeded the limit allowed by the state. A spokesperson for the city couldn't explain why it's happening.

"We really don't know. What we're seeing is, we've had peak times in the mornings with our customers and that's when we're seeing more solids coming into the system. We can't identify that it's one thing over another," Robert Sargent said.

The limit on solids can not exceed 60 parts per million because it can contain silt, animal matter, industrial waste and even sewage.