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Apopka residents' concerns about water quality go unanswered by leaders

Some Apopka neighbors are worried about water quality at the city's wastewater treatment plant said they still have questions, even after talking to city leaders. They showed up to a city council meeting Wednesday night demanding answers after 9 Investigates found unusable wastewater made its way into reclaimed water ponds.

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer said there's no threat to homes and businesses, but residents are not just concerned about problems at the plant—they want to know what impacts the issue will have in the future. “There is no public health issue,” said Kilsheimer. But some are still concerned.

“I think it's going to create a health issue,” said resident Hezekiah Bradford. Bradford, along with other residents, wanted answers from city leaders. Last summer, 9 Investigates found out millions of gallons of contaminated water went into reclaimed water ponds and spray fields, seeping into the ground near homes and businesses in a community of 45,000 residents.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection said the water eventually goes into the aquifer. Residents were left in the dark until 9 Investigates aired the story. “I'm still trying to figure out when are the problems going to be resolved,” resident Sandra Ashley said.

The city said it will contract with an outside engineering firm to figure out an exact cause. Engineers will begin the work Monday, but for residents like Bradford, he's still unclear about long term impacts. “I think some of the people who were there are going to continue to ask questions,” said Bradford

The city plans to meet Florida Department of Environmental protection.