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Parking provider near Orlando airport accused of illegal wetlands destruction

As Park, Bark and Fly was being fined $200,000 last year by the state for wetlands violations, the parking provider near Orlando’s airport was destroying more wetlands illegally, according to Orange County investigators.

Alerted to Park, Bark and Fly activities by an anonymous complaint, the county is now seeking to fine the company $80,000.

“We knew they knew better,” said Liz Johnson, assistant manager at the county’s Environmental Protection Division.

The $200,000 fine, imposed in October by the St. Johns River Water Management District, was for unauthorized destruction of 2 acres of wetlands more than a decade ago. The expert hired by Park, Bark and Fly to deal with the water-district regulations is Bio-Tech Consulting of Orlando, whose president is John Miklos. He also is the water district chairman.