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Wedgefield community may have to pay more for 'undrinkable' water

ORANGE COUNTY – A community that's been battling its water company over quality issued for years may soon have to pay more for it.

A state commission will vote Friday on a proposed rate increase for people living in Orange County's Wedgefield neighborhood.

Some homeowners say they won't even drink the water.

"I wouldn't drink that if you paid me,” said resident Sonia Franklin.

Franklin said her family only drinks bottled water because of a residue left behind from the water at her Wedgefield home.

"When you take a shower, you better dry off really well, because if not, you'll feel like you have a film,” she said.

That's why Franklin is furious about the proposed rate increase for Pluris Water that will be voted on by the public service commission.

The proposal would mean 12.6 percent increase in revenue for Pluris for water and a 5.53 percent increase for wastewater.

Here's what that means for customers: If a family of four uses 12,000 gallons of water a month, their cost under the current rates would come out to just more than $116. Under the proposed rates, it's just more than $130.