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Metadata Summary: Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area

Dataset Type: Monitoring/Sampling Data
Name of Data Source: Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area
Number of Water Resources Sampled: Unknown
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): FWC_BABCOCKWEBB_HYDRO
Description of Datasource: Surrounded by residential development, citrus groves, and improved pasture, the Babcock/Webb WMA is an undeveloped expanse of hydric (wet) pine flatwoods in Charlotte County
Method of Transferring Data to the Atlas:
How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Quarterly
Data Current on Atlas as of: 11/17/2018 5:00:56 PM
Period of Record Within the Atlas: 8/22/2011 - 9/24/2018
Disclaimer/Use Constraints: Not Available

Custodian Information:
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area

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Contact Phone: (863) 661-3370
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