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Water Resources in the Boggy Creek Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Anderson, Lake   Lake 08-23-30
Angel, Lake   Lake 02-23-29
Bali Hai Lagoon   Lake 13-23-29
Bass Lake   Lake 05-23-30
Bear Bay   Lake 31-24-30
Bearhead Lake Bear Head Lake Lake 25-23-29
Boggy Creek   River N/A¹
Boggy Creek Swamp   Lake 20-24-30
Boot Lake   Lake 7-23-30
Boot Lake   Lake 07-23-30
Bull Slough   Lake 11-24-30
Bumby, Lake   Lake 15-23-29
Canal B-14   River N/A¹
Canal B-5   River N/A¹
Canal B-6   River N/A¹
Canal B-8   River N/A¹
Christie, Lake Lake Roger Lake 34-23-29
Christie, Lake   Lake 35-23-29
Condel, Lake   Lake 08-23-30
Conway, Lake   Lake 19-23-30
Crystal Lake   Lake 06-23-30
Dollar Lake   Lake 08-23-30
Eagle, Lake   Lake 33-24-29
East Orlando Outfall Canal   River N/A¹
Farrar, Lake   Lake 09-23-30
Gatlin, Lake   Lake 13-23-29
George, Lake Lake Barber Lake 09-23-30
Gloria, Lake Bay Lake Lake 25-23-29
Holden, Lake   Lake 11-23-29
Inwood, Lake   Lake 08-23-30
Jennie Jewel, Lake   Lake 12-23-29
Jessamine, Lake   Lake 14-23-29
Jim Branch   River N/A¹
Lagrange, Lake Little Lake Bass Lake 08-23-30
Lake Gem Mary   Lake 12-23-29
Lorri, Lake   Lake 27-23-30
Mare Prairie   Lake 10-24-30
Mare Prarie, Lake Lake Mare Prairie, Warren Lake Lake 28-23-30
Margaret, Lake   Lake 07-23-30
Mary, Lake Lake Mary Jess Lake 23-23-29
Melaleuga Lagoon   Lake 20-23-30
Michelle, Lake   Lake 27-23-30
Mill Slough   River N/A¹
Milly, Lake   Lake 14-23-29
Mud Lake   Lake 23-24-30
Pineloch, Lake   Lake 12-23-29
Porter, Lake   Lake 04-23-30
Rabama, Lake   Lake 05-23-30
Silver Lake   Lake 01-23-29
Sky Lake   Lake 27-23-29
Southchase Lake   Lake 22-24-29
Spinnaker Bay   Lake 20-23-30
Steven, Lake   Lake 07-23-30
Swann Lake   Lake 25-23-29
Swann Lake   Lake 25-23-29
Tennessee, Lake   Lake 05-23-30
Turnbull, Lake   Lake 16-23-30
Tyler Lagoon   Lake 11-23-29
Tyner, Lake   Lake 15-23-29
Wade, Lake   Lake 01-23-29
Warren, Lake   Lake 29-23-30
Willisara, Lake   Lake 12-23-29
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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