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Lake Alert issued for Orlando’s Lake Daniel

Lake Alert Issued Nov. 7th

As a precaution due to Lake Silver’s Nov. 5th lake alert for the presence of microcystins due to blue green algae, City of Orlando staff visually inspected downstream lakes Daniel and Sarah. No visible algae blooms were present on Lake Sarah. Algae from Lake Daniel was observed, therefore, out of a preponderance of caution. We are advising everyone to refrain from swimming, recreating, and irrigating in/from Lake Daniel until further notice.

For reference, cyanobacteria/blue-green algae are always present in the water. These blooms are caused by low-flowing, warm water and excess nutrients that can come from a combination of fertilizers, septic tanks, yard waste, and pet waste. Blue-green algae can pose a health concern based on its ability to produce toxins. Toxicity is hard to predict because a single species of algae can have toxic and non-toxic strains. Even blooms caused by known toxin-producing species may not produce toxins or may produce toxins at undetectable levels.

Because of the potential for harm to humans and pets, the City will begin performing weekly microcystin testing until the algae appears to have died. Please encourage your neighbors to register for the Lake Alert at so they too will get important information about Lake Daniel directly.

In the meantime, as we stated above, the City would advise refraining from swimming, recreating and irrigating in/from the lake until further notice. Please be aware that as the algae dies, a “musty” or other unpleasant odor may occur.

If you should have additional questions, please email City of Orlando Streets and Stormwater staff at